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All successful businesses encounter occasional growth hurdles – those challenging times when you feel compelled to reinvent your strategy, processes and procedures. This leap from ‘small’ to ‘medium’ or ‘medium’ to ‘large’ is a critical stage in your business. If you fail to take the right steps, the consequences to your business can be disastrous. When you choose Seed CFO, we help you articulate your core business strategy and assist you to build a superior sustainable business. We provide you with a high level of financial management and expert analysis – a flexible, affordable alternative to employing a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
  • Solutions

    We provide advice across a wide range of important issues, including: • daily operations • budgets/forecasts • management reporting • complex transactions • ratio analysis

  • How we work

    At Seed CFO, our service is provided on a ‘as needs’ basis – ensuring ideal flexibility for you. Why employ a full-time CFO when your company may only need professional advice in response to specific situations?