About Us

Heidi Buitendag CA – building your business with expert knowledge

Heidi has 18 years of hands-on experience – gaining the unique skills to identify, structure and rearrange the financial pieces of your business puzzle.

Her senior finance roles in various industries, including experience as CFO within the mining sector, give Heidi the confident expertise to deliver flexible quality support that is there as you need it, when you need it. Heidi’s clear guidance of your financial team lays the foundations for sustainable, enhanced growth and financial stability in your business.

Heidi delivers first-class business solutions with the confidence of an expert CFO and experienced executive mentor.

As a volunteer mentor with the City Of Glen Eira, Heidi’s experience of delivering business-building guidance to an array of local business owners provides valuable insights into the operations of a diverse range of businesses – problem-solving experience that benefits all of Heidi’s clients.

Her unique skills in strategic thinking were honed at Harvard Business School – Strategic IQ: Creating Smarter Corporations.

As founder of Temp CFO Solutions now Seed CFO Pty Ltd, Heidi partners closely with both business owners and their advisory teams. The results are clear – feasible outcomes and meaningful, practical solutions that save her clients time & money.

Heidi’s proven skills as a strategic thinker benefit your business with:

  • Assistance to capture and execute internal and external strategies reflecting the corporate goals of the business;
  • Create a budget & forecast that will give you greater visibility and enhanced understanding of the financial drivers in your business;
  • Assistance in creating a meaningful cash flow statement and ratio analysis to help you gain a better view of your future cash requirements;
  • development of management reports to ensure informed decision-making;
  • Assistance with all financial covenants & bank compliances;
  • Streamlined processes and procedures to ensure accurate & timely reports;
  • Attendance to the implementation of taxation/structure advice;
  • Assistance to consolidate complex groups to guarantee reliable consolidated financial statements; and
  • Leading you through the internal preparation for your annual audit and assist throughout the process – less time spent by upper management.

Heidi is a qualified chartered accountant who delivers innovative, business-building outcomes, to maximise your business opportunities and achieve your goals.

Seed’s financial, management, tax & governance skills, includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Budget & forecast 
  • Cash flows
  • Accurate accounting 
  • Management Reports
  • Audit Assistance

At Seed, our service is provided on a ‘as needs’ basis – ensuring ideal flexibility for you.

Why employ a full-time CFO when your company may only need professional advice in response to specific situations? And for those other times when you need more intensive attention – our personalised service ensures your needs are met.