Accurate Accounting

With increasing demands for compliance and directors’ responsibilities, you gain peace of mind by ensuring that internal controls, processes and procedures lead to accurate financial reporting.

At Seed, we help you establish efficient and streamlined accounting processes that lower the risk of material misstatements due to in-accurate accounting and financial reporting – saving you time and money.

Ensure your financial statements are reliable and you have confidence in your management reports. As part of this assurance, we spend time with your current accounting staff, ensuring their skill level matches the responsibility given to them in their current role.

We tailor the processes to suit your specific business needs.


Determine what activities demand the most time – should these be eliminated?


What processes and activities are important to ensure accurate accounting? How do you raise the importance of these?


What processes and activities take too

much time and how do you reduce these?


Are there important activities that should take priority?

Additional to the above, review how your time is spent as a manager. How much time do you spend on important issues, such as:

o   Explaining the company strategy to employees and how they fit in;

o   Empowering managers to stretch themselves; and

o   Setting performance goals.

Your most precious resource is your time. Employees will be able to outperform their peers, with a better understanding of your goals and strategy. This, in turn, will give you an advantage over your competitors.