Cash Flow Management

As an experienced business professional, you already know it takes cash to start a business and even more cash to grow a business. It is during periods of growth that you often hear senior executives complain: “I am making huge profits – why do I not have any cash?”

To answer this question in your own life, you need to look at more than your profit and loss to understand the cash impact on your operational decisions. Although accounting packages usually provide a very good profit and loss and balance sheet, most software packages do not provide an adequate cash-flow statement. There are too many variables within organisations to have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach towards cash-flow management.

Your company’s success hinges on your understanding of the organisation’s current and future cash-flow needs. It is during times of change within your company when you’ll need a robust forward cash-flow. Have you ever calculated how fast can you grow without going ‘hat in hand’ to financiers?

At Seed, we provide assistance in creating a meaningful cash-flow statement and ratio analysis to help you gain a better view of your future cash requirements.