Financial Statements


To give you relatively simple background knowledge to decipher and use the financial information to understand where your money is being spent… and how you can make genuine savings;

As you may know from the high-profile Cento case, it is very important for both executive and non-executive directors to understand the financial statements presented to them. It takes an accountant about 5 years to qualify and yet, in the Centro case, Justice Middleton stated: ‘all directors should carefully read and understand financial statements’.

Prudent advice.

But in practice, many directors are experts in their own field and have no formal accounting training. At Seed, we provide confidential one-on-one support to non-financial directors, interpreting your company’s financial statements.

External Reporting

We have extensive experience in providing three-way reports and ratio analysis to banks and other financial institutions to assist you with compliances, as expected by external parties.